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When is the application due?

We have a rolling deadline and you can submit your application at any time. We aim to have second round interviews within two to three weeks of submission. However please keep in mind that the earlier you apply, the easier admission will be.

Does the program require us to be in the San Francisco Bay Area?

While we believe that companies will be able to get the most out of the program by being at the PARS Network’s Corporate Offices, it is not necessary to relocate to California to be apart of the program. We want what makes most sense for you and your budding company. Keep in mind however, if you choose to not be physically present during the program, you still might choose to fly in for important meet ups with investors or particular mentoring workshops

What do you look for when selecting applicants?

At PARS INVENT, we put high importance on cogent and cohesive teams. As you may know, starting a company requires grit, passion, and energy. Therefore when looking at applications, we look for companies that have a strong team whose members show engagement, passion, and interest in the company’s mission.

While we have no guidelines for the team make-up and accept any combination of team structures, we generally encourage founding teams of 2 - 4 that have a mix of skills (both technical and business oriented).

As mentioned on the home page, another criteria with which we evaluate applications is based on the target market they have chosen. While we do not discriminate between industries, we take into consideration how large the selected market is and its potential to grow in the future. The narrative your application builds should use the growth of this market as its foundation. This being said, if you and your team are still deciding between a couple markets, that is fine, but make sure you list the ones you are considering in your application.

Do you accept founders who are not of American nationality?

Absolutely. We proudly promote international innovation and encourage leaders from all over the world to apply.

When will I be given notice of my admission?

We aim to send out requests for second round interviews within two to three weeks of submission. Interviews will be held over Skype or in person if you are in the area. Within a week of your interview we will let you know if you have been accepted into the program and the terms of your acceptance. You will have one week to decide if you will participate after which we will extend the invitation to others.

What stage companies do you take?

Our admission philosophy is grounded in the belief that great ideas should be given a chance at success no matter their current casing. It is for that reason that we are a multi-stage accelerator that accepts early stage ventures as well as already existing companies who have not yet reached their potential. That being said we have a focus on early stage ventures and strive to have a majority of the incoming class made up of early stage companies.

What does it cost to join?

The program itself is free; however, there is an ask for a signle digit common equity that differs from case to case. In addition, PARS INVENT could ask for the right to invest a minority stake in your first funding round.